This branch has a gorgeous building! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the outside—it was rainy and chilly and I was achey so I wanted to get in and sit down.

The university branch has a long history; the building was built in 1910, and is a historic landmark. I’m glad I’m doing this project now—reading between the lines, accessibility was not great prior to the 2016 renovation, which involved redoing the entryways and adding better handrails.
As I write this, I’m in the David R. Davis Reading Area. I love libraries, and it would make me happy to someday have a nice cozy accessible reading room named after me. Doesn’t seem too likely, since my income’s unlikely to support that size of a gift and I intend to keep giving chunks of it to individuals, but it’d be nice.

The electrical outlet situation isn’t bad, since apparently in the 2007 renovation they added a bunch, but it does feel a little thrown together—there’s powerstrips plugged into the floor and wrapped around table legs.

The library branches I’ve been to either have two single-user all-gender bathrooms, or two one-gender multi-user bathrooms. As a nonbinary person, I much prefer the single-user all-gender bathrooms, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.