Quick hits:
  • Branch page
  • Branch highlights, including art and architecture
  • Built in 1961
  • Most recently renovated in 2007
  • Area: 15,000 sq ft
  • Gender neutral single user bathrooms
  • Teen section

Nearby neighborhood stuff:
  • Fauntleroy ferry terminal (to Vashon Island)
  • Westwood Village mall
  • Roxbury Lanes bowling alley

Transit from my place: take the D line to the C line. It’s an hour but pretty direct.

Notes from there:
The library as a whole seems pretty accessible. Plenty of seating. Possibly not enough electrical outlets. Another branch I’ve been to has small posters about the Dewey decimal system. It would be nice to have those here as a guide.

I wandered through the comics section and pulled a Marjane Satrapi book I haven’t read before. Also, crafts, where they had a small but interesting selection of books on spinning.

Some shelving choices were a little confusing, but in the there’s-no-one-right-answer way. Is it a settled thing to put nonfiction graphic novel biographies in subjects about their subject? I found one (of Van Gogh) in Art, and one (of Andre the Giant) in with the wrestling books. Autobiographical ones were mixed in with the fiction comics.

Today I learned:
  • There is a Japanese tradition of eating soba on New Year’s Eve (Thanks, Takashi’s Noodles)
  • Taking an hour-long bus ride home while I’m not feeling well is tiring. This is not new but it’s been a while.