I went to another library branch! The Northgate SPL branch is on a plot of land jointly used by the library and Seattle Parks and Rec, so there’s a community center next door with a cute little playground. A lot of the art is outdoors. I took pictures this time, as did my partner Pat.

Quick hits:
  • Branch page
  • Branch highlights, including art and architecture
  • Cool art, some of which is pictured below
  • Built in 2006 (temporary library site started in 2003, though)
  • Area: 10k sq ft

Nearby neighborhood stuff:
  • Northgate Mall and transit hub
  • Multiplex movie theater
  • Multiple conveyor belt sushi places (I like Tengu Sushi best)
  • My former place of employment (it was a temp gig, no hard feelings)
  • Target

Cool parking lot art:

Inside the library, there’s a good number of computers for public use and a nice selection of chairs as well. These rocking chairs are lined up along the wall-height windows of the space to look out on the lawn, but half of them are turned inwards. Those were empty; the outward-facing ones were full.

The website says there’s a dedicated teen area, but it looks like that actually means one of the study rooms is reserved as a teen section during certain hours. It’s interesting to see how different branches interpret teen space.

They did have the occasional Dewey Decimal System explanation poster at this branch, by the way.

Here, enjoy a final behind the scenes pic of me, photographing some neat-looking fused glass art: