It was another rainy day on Friday, so I did a trek out to the Northeast Branch. The parking situation wasn’t great—a few angled spots behind the building, and signage wasn’t very obvious on the building. Book drops by the parking area were cute though.

I don’t have many pictures of the library’s interior either, but it’s for a good reason. I try to photograph parts of the library without people in them, because I don’t wanna be That Creep, and there were a ton of people there! Some were reading, many were using computers, small children were filling out this branch’s coloring book page in the kids section; there were just a lot of people around. It was really nice.

I sat in the magazine section and read Jewish in Seattle, which shouted out the queer Talmud class I’m a student in. The vertical pieces in between magazine shelves are heating vents.

The teen section contained resources on free showers and also graphic novels, which seems like a correct selection of things for teens.

It was a cute little nook in general, and just outside this picture’s section there were a few computers reserved for teen use during certain hours.

There didn’t seem to be much art hanging if any in this branch, which is backed up by the lack of an art section on the library branch’s highlights page. It’s still a wonderful library facility that gets a lot of use, but would have been nice to see some of that funding channeled into art too.