So, the rheumatologist told me I have fibromyalgia, which makes a lot of sense. And didn’t provide much help with managing it, which also makes a lot of sense if you’ve met the type of doctors that love diagnosing people.

Recently, I went to my regular primary care doctor to discuss it and the ongoing worse-than-usual fatigue. He was moderately offensive, regarding treating fatigue with meds, but also helpful in other parts of the conversation. Turns out I also have a b12 deficiency. So I’m treating that with a supplement, and brought up that maybe there’s an absorption problem here and could it be celiac disease, and the doctor said (paraphrased) “sure, we can test for that". So I’m going back to eating gluten for a month or so in order to avoid a false negative on that blood test since it tests for the antibody to gluten. Look, I’m just glad it’s a blood test and not some weird stick-a-tool-through-your-digestion like it used to be.

So far I have made a list of gluten foods to enjoy in the interim, and eaten one of them: sourdough toast.

Tune in again in October to see how things go.