Thursday’s adventure was to the Broadview SPL branch.
  • 39 public computers
  • quiet area
  • areas for kids and teens
  • after school meal program
  • Most recent renovation: 2007
  • Size: 15,000 square ft

There’s some juicy history of the broadview library branch. The current site was purchased in 1967, but the money they were going to use to build the library went towards stadium renovations. So the residents protested. The new library opened in 1975.

The architecture is really neat. I like the exposed wood longhouse look, and also how they specifically chose to showcase indigenous art in that context.

I went to this one by myself so there’s no pictures of me taking pictures. My reading material was mostly magazines, and it was raining pretty badly so I sat myself down by the window (and the power plugs) to watch it for a while.

I also decided to browse the fantasy/sci-fi offerings and found an anthology that includes one of my twitter mutuals, Jaylee James! All in all, it was a pretty good outing.